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    Exhibit Neplaese Handcraft in Jiuzhai-Dream Tourism Products Mall



    The introduction of the tourism product mall

    Developer: Jiuzhaigou Tourism Group CO. LTD.

    Operator: Jiuzhai-Dream International Amusement&Shopping Mall

    20th Feb 2006

    Worldwide attraction---Jiuzhaigou

    Jiuzhaigou is located in the Jiuzhaigou county of Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. Its name comes from nine Tibetan villages scattered throughout the valley. Because of its "Fairy Tale World" natural view, mystery Tibetan culture, undestroyed environment with complete and original biosphere and comfortable whether, Jiuzhaigou was listed on the catalog of World Natural heritage by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1991. It also gained three international laurels of World Natural Heritage, World Biosphere Reserve and Green Globe 21. Jiuzhaigou has become an impressive spot of China and the whole world as a "tourism card". An aphorism spread all over the world, "After you leave Jiuzhaigou, you will never be interesting in any other view of water", described how beautiful the Jiuzhaigou is.

    The favorable business atmosphere of Jiuzhaigou

    Traffic condition:

    After the Jiuzhai Ring Route's completing, it's very convenient to go to other cities from Jiuzhaigou. The tourists can fly directly from Jiuzhaigou--Huanglong Airport to many big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chongqing, Chengdu and so on. The railway is in construction now.

    The number of tourists:

    In 2001, the number of tourists who visited Jiuzhaigou was about 1,350,000. In 2005, the number of the tourists from all over the world was over 2,100,000. Most tourists stayed in Jiuzhaigou for three days. The experts forecasted that with the completing of the railway to Jiuzhaigou, the tourists will increase annually with a rate of 25%. There are huge plenty of trade opportunity will be created by the popularity of Jiuzhaigou!

    The ability of reception:

    There are 197 hotels in Jiuzhaigou now. It contains 10 four-star and five-star hotels and 70 three-star hotels. There are 38000 beds in total.

    Tourists' consumption:

    In 1993, the consumption of one tourist on average in jiuzhaigou was RMB70.8; in 1996, the consumption rise to RM307.8; in 1998, the consumption was RM507; in 2000, the consumption was RM864.4; in 2002, the consumption was RM1086. It is the 15 times of the consumption in 1993. Even if we consider the consumption now equals to the consumption in 2002, when the number of tourists is 3,000,000, the income of tourism of Jiuzhaigou is over 3,000,000,000(billion) CNY.

    Business Condition:

    Jiuzhaigou has an outstanding level of management of scenic area, environment protect and ability of reception in China. Because the government noticed that all the business activities had to be out of the scenic area and the landform of Jiuzhaigou is a lone valley, all the tourists have to stay in the long and narrow area to spend their money. All the consumption will concentrate on this small area near the entrance of the scenic area.

    Introduction of Dream Jiuzhai

    Geography location:

    The "Jiuzhai-Dream" edifice, built by Jiuzhaigou Tourism Group CO. LTD, is located right outside of the entrance of scenic area. When tourists go to the scenic area, they have to go by the "Jiuzhai-Dream". Facing a beautiful river and a Tibetan village and with a sacred Mountain in the back, the "Jiuzhai-Dream" has a great environment to attract the tourists' attention. It occupies 14015 m2. The architectural area is 17000 m2 and the area for the greenery coverage is 6500 m2. It also has a square in front of the building. All the conditions above make the "Jiuzhai-Dream" a very important business center of Jiuzhaigou.

    The business regulations of "Jiuzhai-Dream" edifice:

    In order to make the "Dream Jiuzhai" an important, famous and one of the best center in Jiuzhaigou, we did a lot of investigations of every type of business we might do and we will cooperate with the best experts and best companies in every business. The combination of the development of tourism business and the Tibetan culture is very important to give the tourists the unique service.

    Jiuzhai-Dream Tourism Products Mall

    The Tourism Products Mall is located at the 1st floor of the Jiuzhai-Dream edifice and it occupies 3100 m2. There are Jiuzhai native stores, Nepal handcraft stores and Tibetan handcraft stores in the mall.

    Great Geography conditions:

    It is in the "Jiuzhai-Dream", the important business centers in Jiuzhaigou.

    Great political conditions:

    In order to strengthen the controlling of the tourism market, the Jiuzhaigou Government banned a lot of tourism products stores. There were only two particular malls left and were assigned to be the legal tourism products mall. The mall in the "Jiuzhai-Dream" is one of them and is the biggest one.

    The most famous area:

    "Jiuzhai-Dream" series tourism services contain "Dream Jiuzhai" edifice, "BaBaoJiXiang" square and "Dream village"(an traditional Tibetan village in front of the "Jiuzhai-Dream"). There are lots of entertainments in them. Almost all the tourists will come to "Jiuzhai-Dream" after their visit to Jiuzhaigou scenic area and every one might be our customer. The potential market is very huge.

    The reason why we want to cooperate with Nepal handcraft business

    Nepal is the neighbor of China, bordering with Tibet, Nepal has the same religion as Tibet, and they communicated a lot. The business of handcraft in Nepal is well developed, the products are far better than the same products in Tibetan areas. In Tibet, the tourism products from Nepal are very popular in Tibet. Lots of tourists like Nepal handcrafts, but

    because of the terrible whether and high altitude of Tibet, most of them will not go to Tibet. If we have the high quality Nepal handcraft products, there will be a large number of potential customers. In May 2005, before the Seminar of Nepal China Economic Relations, the Chinese commissar Madam Jufang Lei, the manager of the Cheezheng Industry group CO. LTD, went to Jiuzhaigou to do some investigations of "Jiuzhai-Dream". She found it was worth to cooperate with "Jiuzhai-Dream" and advised that we construct a China-Nepal commercial stage. In June 2005, on the Seminar of Nepal China Economic Relations, Madam Lei brought them the information about the cooperation in Jiuzhaigou and got the agreement. In Oct. 2005, when the foreign mission of Nepal visited China, the Cheezheng Company and the Jiuzhaigou Tourism Group reported the information to him and then got the agreement.

    Cooperate objects:

    Nepal Tourism Handcrafts Industry Association

    How to cooperate:

    In order to help the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce construct the commerce stage of Nepal-China, we do not charge the rent. We operate like this: The operation center of the mall will do everything like selecting the goods, selling, balancing and promotion; the Nepal supply goods to us. The Nepal merchants don't need to sell the goods by themselves. We will employ salespeople and train them. This will reduce your cost of staying in Jiuzhaigou. We only charge 20% of the sale as the fee of management.

    Your Cost:

    1 Fee of Management (20% of the sale);

    2 The tax;

    3 Fee of Transportation of goods from Nepal;

    4 Fee of storage of goods;

    5 Fee of wastage;

    6 Fee for the people staying here;

    7 Fee for the brokerage of the guides.

    The reason why we want to cooperate with the Nepal Tourism Handcrafts Industry Association:

    They know more about Nepal Tourism Handcrafts provider and the law of export.

    Why should the Nepal Tourism Handcrafts Industry Association leave some people in Jiuzhaigou

    They can protect the legal right of the Nepal merchants and help them communicate with us.

    We sincerely wish that the Nepal Tourism Handcrafts Industry Association would create a new market in Jiuzhaigou.



    20th Feb 2006

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