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    China is administratively divided into 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 centrally administrative municipalities and 2 special administrative regions. Municipalities are directly under the administration of central government. A municipality has the same political, economical and jurisdictional rights as a province. The statistics of areas are from official information issued in mid 1997 (CHINA 1997, Published by New Star Publishers),(Listing by Initial Letter of Capitals).

    Anhui Province

    Area: 139,000 square kilometers

    Population: 60.70 millions

    Capital: Hefei

    Major Cities: Huangshan; Bengbu; Tongling; Ma'anshan


    Area: 16,800 square kilometers

    Population: 12.59 millions

    Chongqing (Municipality) (Newly Promoted as Municipality in 1997)

    Area: 82,000 square kilometers

    Population: 30.02 millions

    Fujian Province

    Area: 120,000 square kilometers

    Population: 32.61 millions

    Capital: Fuzhou

    Major Cities: Xiamen; Zhangzhou

    Gansu Province

    Area: 450,000 square kilometers

    Population: 24.67 millions

    Capital: Lanzhou

    Major Cities: Dunhuang; Jiayuguan; Jiayuguan

    Guangdong Province

    Area: 186,000 square kilometers

    Population: 69.61 millions

    Capital: Guangzhou

    Major Cities: Chaozhou; Dongguan; Shantou; Shenzhen; Shunde; Zhuhai;

    Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

    Area: 236,300 square kilometers

    Population: 45.89 millions

    Capital: Nanning

    Major Cities: Beihai; Guilin; Liuzhou

    Guizhou Province

    Area: 170,000 square kilometers

    Population: 35.55 millions

    Capital: Guiyang

    Major Cities: Anshun; Zunyi

    Hainan Province

    Area: 34,000 square kilometers

    Population: 7.34 millions

    Capital: Haikou

    Major Cities: Sanya

    Hebei Province

    Area: 190,000 square kilometers

    Population: 64.84 millions

    Capital: Shijiazhuang

    Major Cities: Cangzhou; Chengde; Qinhuangdao(Including Beidaihe and Shanhaiguan); Tangshan; Baoding; Zhangjiakou

    Heilongjiang Province

    Area: 469,000 square kilometers

    Population: 37.28 millions

    Capital: Harbin

    Major Cities: Hailaer; Mohe; Mudanjiang; Qiqihar; Suifenhe

    Henan Province

    Area: 167,000 square kilometers

    Population: 91.72 millions

    Capital: Zhengzhou

    Major Cities: Anyang; Kaifeng; Luoyang; Sanmenxia

    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)

    Area: 1,092 square kilometers

    Population: 6.31 millions

    Hubei Province

    Area: 187,400 square kilometers

    Population: 58.25 millions

    Capital: Wuhan

    Major Cities: Huangshi; Shiyan; Shashi; Xiangfan; Yichang;

    Hunan Province

    Area: 210,000 square kilometers

    Population: 64.28 millions

    Capital: Changsha

    Major Cities: Changde; Dayong; Hengyang; Xiangtan; Zhangjiajie

    Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

    Area: 1,183,000 square kilometers

    Population: 23.07 millions

    Capital: Hohhot

    Major Cities: Baotou; Chifeng; Wuhai

    Jiangsu Province

    Area: 102,600 square kilometers

    Population: 71.10 millions

    Capital: Nanjing

    Major Cities: Lianyungang; Xuzhou; Suzhou; Wuxi; Zhenjiang

    Jiangxi Province

    Area: 166,600 square kilometers

    Population: 41.05 millions

    Capital: Nanchang

    Major Cities: Jiujiang; Lushan; Jian, Jinggangshan

    Jilin Province

    Area: 187,000 square kilometers

    Population: 26.10 millions

    Capital: Changchun

    Major Cities: Jilin; Tuman; Yanji

    Liaoning Province

    Area: 145,700 square kilometers

    Population: 41.16 millions

    Capital: Shenyang

    Major Cities: Dalian; Dandong; Anshan, Wafangdian

    Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

    Area: 66,400 square kilometers

    Population: 5.21 millions

    Capital: Yinchuan

    Major Cities: Shizuishan

    Qinghai Province

    Area: 720,000 square kilometers

    Population: 4.88 millions

    Capital: Xining

    Shaanxi Province

    Area: 205,000 square kilometers

    Population: 35.43 millions

    Capital: Xi'an

    Major Cities: Xianyang; Baoji; Hanzhong;

    Shandong Province

    Area: 153,000 square kilometers

    Population: 87.38 millions

    Capital: Jinan

    Major Cities: Dezhou; Linyi; Qingdao;Qufu; Tai'an; Yantai

    Shanghai (Municipality)

    Area: 6,200 square kilometers

    Population: 14.19 millions

    Shanxi Province

    Area: 156,000 square kilometers

    Population: 31.09 millions

    Capital: Taiyuan

    Major Cities: Datong; Linfen; Yangquan

    Sichuan Province

    Area: 488,000 square kilometers

    Population: 84.28 millions

    Capital: Chengdu

    Major Cities: Emeishan; Zigong; Daxianshi

    Taiwan Province

    Area: 36,000 square kilometers

    Population: 21.30 millions

    Major Cities: Taipei; Gaoxiong; Tainan; Xinzhu

    Tianjin (Municipality)

    Area: 11,300 square kilometers

    Population: 9.48 millions

    Tibet Autonomous Region

    Area: 1,220,000 square kilometers

    Population: 2.44 millions

    Capital: Lhasa

    Major Cities: Xigaze

    Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

    Area: 1,600,000 square kilometers

    Population: 16.89 millions

    Capital: Urumqi

    Major Cities: Kashgar; Turfan

    Yunnan Province

    Area: 394,000 square kilometers

    Population: 40.42 millions

    Capital: Kunming

    Major Cities: Dali; Simao; Xishuangbanna

    Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR)

    Area: 23.8 square kilometers

    Population: 435,000

    Zhejiang Province

    Area: 101,800 square kilometers

    Population: 43.43 millions

    Capital: Hangzhou

    Major Cities: Jiaxing; Ningbo; Shaoxing; Wenzhou;

    (Information by Network Center of MOFCOM)

    (News source: English Website of Ministery of Commerce)

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